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**Flash Website Tutorials (for anyone that purchased before 1/1/12)


After placing the Contact.swf page layout on a particular page, place your mouse over the contact form on the left side of the layout. Press Ctrl and Shift at the same time to pull up the CMS menus. the "Contact Form" menu will appear. Click "Edit" to edit the contact form.


The only section of the for that you have to update is the first text field "mail." Please enter the email that you would like the contact message sent to. After you are finished updating the contact form click "save" at the bottom of the contact form pop up box.

You will then have to clear your browser's cache and then refresh your ministry's website before your updated contact form will appear on the page.


The form has a built in email address validator, also the "SEND" button will only appear once the visitor has entered in all fields correctly.

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