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After placing the Team.swf page layout on a particular page, place your mouse on team member title at the top of the layout. Press Ctrl and Shift at the same time to pull up the CMS menus. the "Team List" menu will appear. Click "Add Team Member" to add or edit the team list.


The Team List editor will pop-up. In the example above you can see that we have multiple team members, if you are editing the Team List for the first you will only have one team member. To create more team members, select a team folder and click the "Copy" button at the top. Repeat this step until you have the amount of team members you want.

You will notice that each team folder has three editing options.

  • Name - Place the team member's name here.
  • Email (optional) - Place your team member's email address in the first text box. If you would not like a contact form for this team member change the form text field to "false"
  • www (disabled) - This feature has been disabled but you are still able to add links through the text editor.

Edit each team members file separately. Once you have created and edit all your team members please click "save" at the bottom of the pop up box.

***You will then have to clear your browser's cache and refresh your ministry's website to see the additional team member positions.

Here is a link to an article about how to clear your browser's cache.

You can then begin adding pictures and bio's to each team member's profile.


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