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Connecting to your Google Calendar

After you login to website and place the calendar page layout, you will have the option to connect to any Google Calendar XML feed. To do so, mouse over the Bridge Element calendar, open the CMS menu and select "Enter Google Calendar URL". Enter the URL to a Google Calendar feed here. To find this URL, Launch Google Calendar Administrator and Select "Manage calendars". Press the calendar that you wish to view. Select "XML" and copy the entire URL that is displayed into the "Enter Google Calendar URL" text field.


You will only need to connect your calendar feed once. After the first time, the Bridge Element system will update automatically each time the calendar page is opened.



I entered in everything correctly but my calendar is still not showing up?

RECENT UPDATE ** Due to a recent change with Google Calendars you will now need to manually remove the "s" in "https" after you have copied over your XML link from Google to your Bridge Element calendar.


There may be a few settings that are incorrect in your Google calendar. The first is public/private setting. To check this click on the settings tab in the top right. Then navigate to the calendar you are working on. You will see a second tab towards the top labeled "share this calendar." Make sure the "Make this Calendar Public" box is checked.The next setting is the permissions settings. It is found on the the same page as the public settings about half way down the page towards the right side. It is labeled "Permission Settings" with a drop down box. Make sure that you have selected "See All Event Details" in the box and then save your changes. Now you will be able to simply click the refresh button on your browser and your Google calendar will load correctly into the Bridge Element system.

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