How to log in to your email accounts

**Flash Website Tutorials(for anyone that purchased before 1/1/12)

You can check the webmail for any account by going to your websites' WebMail portal YourDomain/webmail

**Be sure to replace "YourDomain" with your ministries actual domain. For example if your domain was, your webmail portal would be **

You will then need your full username ( and password for that email account. The first time you log in the password will be set to "password".  Be sure to change your password to something more secure after logging in for the first time.

Also the first time you login you may need to accept a security certificate to access the WebMail system.
Once you are logged into the webmail portal you can configure it for outlook or any other mail client you may have by clicking on the link towards the bottom right of the page. You may choose to use one of the free webmail clients we provide by click on their respective links.

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