Using Our Blog Feature

The following is a tutorial on using Bridge Element's blog feature.  If you do not yet have this option on your site, you can submit a request and we will add this for you.





There are 2 different blog page layouts and each layout will only work within the blog subfolder. To access this folder, open the left side bar within the CMS and click on the blog folder. 




You will see 2 different pages that have already been created for you. 




The first page is the "blog-list" page. This is the layout you will use to list a short "teaser" all of our blog entries. This page has a repeatable area that features a title and a description (you can also embed images) area. Within the description text is where you would place a link to the exact blog entry you are "teasing." 




Underneath each "teaser" is also a comment counter. This will be automatically updated for you and is taken from the link that you have placed within the description. 

All the blog pages also have a blog sidebar. This area is meant to highlight important blog posts or announcements that you would like to be featured on all blog pages. 


The other blog page layout you will see in your blog subfolder is the "blog2." This is just an example of a blog entry page that you might create. It has a slideshow on the top, a text area for your content and a commenting section. The commenting section will be automatically created for you based on your "Disqus" shortname. The commenting section is also tied to your unique URL and file name. 


The commenting section will not show your comments within the CMS. To see the comments you will need to go to live page. All your blog pages will be within the blog subfolder meaning your blog links will look similar to this.


You will need to use this absolute link, including the "http://www.", when you create your links to the blog entry page from your blog listings page. 


You can moderate all your blog entry comments and discussion by logging into your Disqus admin page.


This is still a work in progress. Please provide us with your feedback by leaving a comment below.


Thank you.




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