How do I create my sermon archive?

Creating your sermon archive is easy!

You will want to make sure that you have one page for each sermon series that you want archived (we recommend having no more than 8 sermons per media page).  (Example: Romans Series, Missions Series).

Once you are ready to archive your Romans and Missions series, you are able to add a title and a link to your Romans page under the Archive section on the right side of your media page.  To add the link, highlight the text you want linked, click on the hyperlink button and then type in the .php page you would like linked.  Then in the text box below you can add an explanation of the series.

To create additional archives simply click on the green + sign on the "repeat" box.  You can then add your Missions series as an archive.

Additionally, when you create a new media page for your current series, the sermon archive is a shared section so you will not have to keep re-adding your archives every time.

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