Image Sizes

Each template might be a little different but these dimensions are very close to the actual size. These sizes combined with our cropping tool will allow you to create exact images for each page. 


Page Layouts

Banner 1 Column = 940px by 140px

Image Left / Image Right = 405px by 303px

Staff = 200px by 125px

Media Image = 595px by 280px


Home Pages

Community = 950px by 391px

LifePoint = 590px by 352px

Cornerstone = 950px by 270px

Reunion = = 590px by 352px

Reunion- small slideshow= 195px by 115px

TrueLife = 915px by 385px

Westend = = 590px by 352px

Synergy = 917px by 460px

Creekside = 900px by 345px

The Well =  950px by 340px  / small links = 300px by 120px


Also most logo areas are 400px by 100px (The Well design has a logo spot of 440x200)


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