How to upload MP3's

In this tutorial you will be uploading your mp3 files to our sever and will be bypassing the CMS. This means that you will not see your media files through the CMS. Because of this it is very important that you name your files something that is easy and memorable. 

Before you upload your media make sure that your MP3 file names do not have any spaces or special characters. The best way to name your files is to use a simple 6 digit date. 

Example: 030712.mp3 

This would be an example of a message recorded on March 7th of 2012.

 Once your files are named correctly you can use any FTP client that you choose to upload your media to the server. 

We would recommend using FileZilla if you do not already have one on your computer. Using the FTP client is very easy.

Please go to and download the version that best fits your computer.

After you have installed the free FileZilla program you will notice several login areas at the top of the program. Please fill them in with:

Host: YourDomain (replace "YourDomain" with your domain name, including the .org or  .com, but not the "www".)
FTP Username: media@YourDomain  (replace "YourDomain" with your domain name, including the .org or  .com)
Password: cmsPassword (replace "cmsPassword" with the primary password you gave us when we first setup your site)
Port: leave this blank

You will notice that after you log in all of your computer's files are on the left and your CMS Media folder is on the right. Transferring files to your media account is as easy as dragging and dropping any files from the left side box titled Filename into the corresponding Filename box on the right side of your screen.

Once your media files are uploaded follow the instruction on the Adding Audio to your Media pages to add these to your media page.



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