Adding Audio to your Media pages

Before you upload or edit your media pages make sure that your MP3 file names do not have any spaces or special characters.

The best way to name your files is to use a simple 6 digit date. Example: 030712.mp3 

Once your files are named correctly and you are logged into the CMS, navigate to the media page that you would like to edit. 



Click on the "Edit" button above the "Listen" icon. 



The text editor will appear. 

Click the "Listen" icon that is embedded into the text field.

Then click the "Link" icon. Do not click the "Unlink" icon, that will disconnect the listen button from the player. 

The Insert/Edit Link box will appear. 

Now type in media/your file name into the Link URL field (An example would be "media/031712.mp3")

Then click the "Update" button on the Insert/Edit Link box and then click the "OK" button at the bottom of the text editor and Publish the page to save.

Repeat this same process for the Download button. 

Once you have edited your page and published the media page you can check the function of the play button by following the instructions found here.


Click here for a tutorial on setting up your sermon archive.


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